Wi-Fi Ceiling Speakers Australia

Premium Multi-Room Wi-Fi Ceiling Speakers in Australia

If you are considering purchasing Wi-Fi ceiling speakers in Australia, the selection we have available at Audio Active will exceed your expectations.

What Sets Audio Active Apart Regarding Wi-Fi Speakers?

Whereas our Bluetooth ceiling speakers are ideal for use in single rooms, our Lithe Audio Wi-Fi speakers are perfect for use in a multi-room system so that you can listen to music in multiple rooms simultaneously. We design these speakers with integrations to several other systems in mind.

  • As an ideal all-in-one solution, our speaker units each combine their Wi-Fi receiver, an amplifier, and a speaker of premium quality.
  • You can use our Lithe Audio app to multi-stream to up to 30 master speakers in multiple rooms.
  • Flexibility is a fundamental advantage of our innovative Wi-Fi ceiling speakers, and you can stream audio from any app to any master speaker.

Our Wi-Fi speakers are available for purchase from our online store, as well as from our store in Port Melbourne. Whether you’d like to start with one master speaker and build your collection from there or purchase one of our four- or six-zone packs, the choice is yours. You’ll also be able to enjoy your favourite tunes while having a bath or shower, with one of our bathroom ceiling speakers.

Tips Regarding Wi-Fi Ceiling Speakers

When you are upgrading or remodelling your house, or even starting on a new build, it’s always worth investing in premium quality items that you know will meet your expectations. Our Wi-Fi ceiling speakers are an excellent addition to any home or business and, in the case of installation in your home, it will undoubtedly increase the resale value.

  • Ceiling speakers are great because you won’t have cables on the floor of the rooms where you install them – they are far less obtrusive than freestanding floor speakers.
  • They are a great solution if you would like excellent sound quality but have limited space available in any room.
  • It is essential to consider the size of your room when you’re investigating installing ceiling speakers. Larger rooms will require more than one speaker or the quality of sound will be compromised.

Why Trust Audio Active Regarding Wi-Fi Ceiling Speakers in Australia?

Our work is done based on what you need, not limited by what technology allows. We originally began by developing smart tech solutions around the home.  There was such a demand for our products, and it was such a success that we decided to combine these smart tech solutions with our love of music and entertainment. 

Whether you are a builder, interior designer, consumer, or a hotel owner, our unique products will surpass your audio equipment requirements.  No project is too big or too small.  You are more than welcome to contact us before making any final decision, and one of our in-house experts will ensure that you receive the best option for your home and your pocket.

We would love to hear from you if you have questions about any of our products, or if you need our advice about the ideal placement of your speakers.

Expert Advice: +61 3 9699 8900 

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