1 July 2021  |  Admin

Bluetooth vs Wi-Fi vs Pro Series Ceiling speakers: which is right for you?

So what are the main differences between the Bluetooth, Wifi enabled and Pro Series ceiling speakers? And what environments are best suited to both? ...Well let’s find out then shall we?

25 February 2020  |  Amit

5 lifestyle hacks using our nano suction stands

Technology is advancing too quickly for our clumsy bodies to keep up with...

2 Comments21 February 2020  |  Amit

4 ways to liven up your commercial space with ceiling speakers

Here are four types of commercial venues that can benefit from the inclusion of our speakers. 

3 February 2020  |  Amit

New year, new products

As we emerge from the malaise of sober January and begin to look more optimistically towards a bright new year, we have some exciting product announcements to make.

15 January 2020  |  Amit

Introducing… The new and improved Lithe Audio ceiling speaker

We’re delighted to introduce the latest member of the Lithe Audio speaker family.

23 December 2019  |  Amit

5 Christmas songs to get the most out of your ceiling speakers

We’ve identified some of the top Christmas songs for playing through our ceiling speakers.

6 November 2019  |  Amit

Two amazing kitchen hacks, courtesy of Lithe Audio

Here’s a series of really quick wins, which can improve your kitchen experience...

23 October 2019  |  Amit

Have a ghoulish Halloween with Lithe Audio

It’s time to take back control of Halloween. And Lithe Audio are happy to help.

18 October 2019  |  Amit

Don’t pack up your garden speaker just yet…

You can now have musical accompaniment all year round...

25 September 2019  |  Amit

What makes our Wi-Fi speakers so great? Compatibility.

Our Wi-Fi ceiling speakers are now compatible with Control4 systems.

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