Bluetooth vs Wi-Fi Ceiling speakers: which is right for you?

11 August 2018  |  Amit

Earlier this year, we launched our new range of W-Fi enabled ceiling speakers, the latest breakthrough in our ceiling speaker technology. We listened to what our customers liked best about our bluetooth range, and we delivered. With expanded capabilities and increased compatibility with other gadgets around the home, we’re confident in having delivered a top of the range audio solution for your home or business. Our designers are feeling pretty chuffed.

But If you’re in the market or a ceiling speaker, and aren’t quite sure which model is right for your space, Lithe Audio are always happy to offer expert advice. Putting our customers’ needs first, we realise that getting a speaker that’s right for you involves not just recognising the needs and limitations of your home or business space, but staying well informed about what each model will deliver for you on a day-to-day basis.

So what are the main differences between the Bluetooth and Wifi enabled ceiling speakers? And what environments are best suited to both? ...Well let’s find out then shall we?

Whether you’re a party animal or fitting out an entertainment venue, more is usually better. More dancing, more smiling faces, more satisfaction. Well how about more speakers?

If it’s the title of ‘best house party host’ you’re after, then you could probably do a lot better than a mass of sweaty bodies bouncing up and down in your cramped living room. And if ‘providing a calming atmosphere for your guests’ is going to get you better Tripadvisor reviews, then perhaps your intentions would be better served by having those sweet melodies echo throughout your entire establishment?

In these cases, you will love the multi-room functionality of our Wifi enabled ceiling speakers. Offering a degree of connectivity that is truly astounding, you can connect up to 30 different ceiling speakers in your network. And the best bit? They don’t all have to be playing the same thing at once! Simply group your speakers into zones. So while there may be a rave going on in your lounge, more tender tones can be playing in your kitchen. Simply connect your speakers to a compatible device, and your entire space can be transformed by sound!

Our WiFi speakers have been designed for multi-room functionality. And with their range extending as far as your WiFi extends, there is nothing stopping you from creating the ultimate party venue. Just decide where you want to place your speakers, and installation is a breeze!

Our Bluetooth enabled speakers will provide you with crystal clear audio throughout a given room or zone. Up to six speakers can be connected in this way, providing a fantastically rich sound for any occasion. So if you’re having a few friends over, and want to set the right tone in your kitchen dinner, this option will suit you perfectly.

And to truly transport your room into the 21st century, you will love the Amazon Alexa compatibility offered by our Bluetooth models. Whether you’re asking for the weather, or getting her to play some of your favourite tunes, with just one cable you can amplify Alexa throughout your space. Alexa has never sounded so good!

Another amazing feature of our new Wifi enabled speakers is that they are also the only AirPlay-certified ceiling speakers available on the market today. They have a built in DLNA and UPnP for direct streaming from a media server. A dedicated App has Spotify Connect, Deezer, TIDAL and Tune In radio integrated for seamless multi-room audio. This allows you to group and connect to different speakers from one device. Now how smart is that? For those looking for a smart multi-speaker system that you can control with ease, our Wifi speakers are the perfect solution.

Our Bluetooth speakers are likewise incredibly easy to connect to. Simply connect your phone, tablet, or computer to your master speaker, and listen to the incredible sound from all your synched devices. So as long as you can get music playing on your device, you can cast it around your room in super clarity.

Whether you’re interested in creating a party venue, or just looking to transform your kitchen or bathroom, both our speaker models offer the same fantastic quality, along with an exciting array of extra benefits to make your listening experience more enjoyable and less hassle.

Both our ceiling speaker models combine amplifier, receivers and audio in a single, compact and easy to install unit. So if it’s an all-in-one speaker solution you’re after, you’re shopping in the right place! With simple wiring and installation, you’re only a few steps away from experiencing the amazing benefits of an integrated audio setup.

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