Recessed Speakers

Save Space by Installing Recessed Speakers

Recessed speakers provide the opportunity to receive audio in various zones, whether at home or in a public space such as a restaurant or hotel. They’re either installed in the ceiling or in the wall with the intention to free up space. At Audio Active, we have experienced and qualified staff to guide you in the right direction, 

Tips for Buying Recessed Ceiling Speakers

There is no doubt about the benefits affiliated with installing ceiling speakers in your home or commercial property. They provide crisp, quality sound without cluttering the space and affecting your interior design. Consider these tips before purchasing recessed speakers. 

  • You must determine how many speakers you require per room. The last thing you want is to underestimate and wind up with poor audio. The size of the room is a critical factor in identifying the number of speakers required. If you have a living room with a high ceiling, you’d require five or six speakers to be effective. 
  • Have your space evaluated by a professional. An audio consult will assist you in determining how many speakers you require, how much power is needed, what size should they be, and the placement of those speakers. All those aspects require careful planning and consideration to achieve excellent results. 
  • If you have a room dedicated to audio and visual entertainment, you should consider installing in-wall ceiling speakers. Placing the speakers at ear level transmits the sound in a direct field to your ears. In that position, you will feel as if you’re at the centre of the music. 

What to Expect from Audio Active Regarding Flush Mount Ceiling Speakers

Our founders Wesley Siu and Amit Ravat were driven by their passion for smart technology systems around the home and their love for music and entertainment when they began this operation. As a result, we’ve developed several innovative products that are making a difference in the commercial and residential sector.

  • With the wide range of products we’ve developed, it’s difficult to select a favourite, but the unique all-in-one Bluetooth 5.0 speaker is a popular choice. Instead of buying separate components such as an amplifier and a speaker, this device combines the elements along with a Bluetooth receiver to produce one, polished product. The speaker has a range of 30-meters and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. 
  • Our online store simplifies the process of purchasing your audio solutions. A call to our support service will guide you regarding what you should acquire. After that, click on the products that interest you, read the detailed description and use one of the various methods of payment. 
  • The Wi-Fi speakers are similar to the Bluetooth option with the ability to connect to our audio app. After that, you’d access your Spotify account and other streaming apps. They have built-in dlna and UPnP support, which allow you to stream directly from a media server. Furthermore, our speaker is the only certified ceiling speakers for use with Apply AirPlay. 

About Audio Active

For the past decade, we’ve dedicated our time to developing innovative audio solutions for people all around the country. We’ve revolutionised the way people think of home audio and added a degree of sophistication. We’d love the opportunity to assist you with a free audio consultation. Simply contact us to set it up or if you have any questions relating to our products.

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