Lithe Audio WiSA Module Bolt-on

Lithe Audio WiSA Module Bolt-on
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Our WiSA Bolt-On Module adds wireless Dolby Atmos, high-quality Audio with no visible lipsync to our ceiling speakers, perfect for fully kitted out cable-free surround sound home cinemas and beginner AV home setups.

Works with Lithe Audio Pro Series Ceiling speaker (Sold Separately) 

Lithe is the Atmos element to any WiSA setup

Utilize WiSA, The most reliable, global interoperability standards across the audio industry for high definition, multi-channel and low latency audio. Remove the need for wires feeding back to an amplifier and put your audio system in the ceiling with wireless Atmos. Start with Simple stereo and 2.1 solutions or go all the way up to more robust 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos setups at 5.1.2. Alternatively combine our Pro Series ceiling speakers with Hybrid setups with wired and wireless floorstanding or bookshelf speakers for a 5.1.4, 7.1.2 or 7.1.4 setup.



WiSA Certified

Announced by WiSA themselves, the Pro Series in-ceiling speaker is WiSA Certified™. Making its performance and integration abilities possible by including the
latest chip sets for PoE++ and the growing category of WiSA interoperability, ushering in a new era of convenience in creating Dolby Atmos home cinema systems
when combined with speakers from any other WiSA member brand.



Quick & Easy Home Cinema Setup

Requiring no speaker cables, only the provision of power, WiSA technology means a full Dolby Atmos system can be achieved quickly and conveniently when combined with Dolby Atmos decoding transmitters, like the new award winning WiSA SoundSend, opening the full immersive audio experience to more rooms and more customers. Already making waves, the Pro Series speaker was named a ‘Best New Hardware’ winner at the 2020 CEDIA awards.


the technical bit

Simple to install diagram via plug socket or via lighting circuit. Showing connections to Computers, Phones and smart home systems such as Control4, Loxone and Fibaro

Connections diagram

Common questions

Please see below most commonly asked questions, any further answers can be found within support

Our Multiroom speakers need to be setup by pairing the device via our Lithe Audio App, which will walk you through step by step how to connect them to your network.

The speaker requires NO additional amplifiers, router, controllers, mainframes, all you need is within the box. Saving you space and money, Just download the app and connect power.

Yes our bathroom rated version is IP44 rated for bathroom use. Do not place speaker directly above shower unit, bath, sinks or radiators.

Yes, you can connect the power supply via the supplied plug into a main socket OR connect to lighting circuit either existing ceiling rose or junction box by wiring in a single plug socket or terminating the plug to a fused spur, with an 3A rated fuse. (Make sure that the live is not connected to the switched Live otherwise the speakers will only become active when switching on lights) All electrical wiring must be done by a qualified electrician or similarly qualified person. Instructions enclosed within the box advise how to fit the speaker, if unsure seek a qualified electrician to avoid damage to the product and for your safety.

Expert Advice: +61 3 9699 8900 

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