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Get the Best in Premium Home Audio with Ceiling Speakers

Ceiling speakers have been around for a long time. Still, they have been, up to now, mostly out of reach of the average consumer, mainly since the technology was just not ideally suited for residential purposes. The technological revolution of the past decade or so has seen not only massive advances in the available technology but also much-increased accessibility and affordability for the average consumer.

At Audio Active, we’ve taken full advantage of technological advances by incorporating new technologies into our products, making it accessible to the average consumer, and designing it in such a way as to be practical, attractive, and of the best quality available on the market today. We are actively making people’s lives better and easier, by eliminating inefficiencies in everyday products while at the same time incorporating cutting-edge technology, sound aesthetic and ergonomic design principals.

The Benefits of a Ceiling Speaker System 

Traditional entertainment technology such as home entertainment systems, while for the most part not too bad in terms of sound quality, did not push the boundaries of innovation in the last decade, and nothing significant has happened in the industry since the ‘discovery’ of and widespread use of surround sound. Our systems incorporate all the best aspects of traditional audio systems, the latest technological advances, and sound aesthetic and ergonomic design principals.

  • Our premium ceiling audio system will ensure that you are always connected via Bluetooth from your favourite devices to your ceiling-mounted speakers for crystal clear sound no matter where you are in your house. Engage on social media, play games, watch your favourite movies, or listen to music on Spotify all with perfect sound via your home ceiling speakers.
  • Stay connected no matter in which room you are. You can connect up to 30 master speakers on your system, which gives you complete control of the entire system. Listen only in your room or in the lounge or have it play everywhere. You can control the system as a whole, or you can control each speaker individually. You can watch TV in the living room while your significant other listens to the radio in the kitchen, and the kids listen to music in their rooms, all at the same time and through the same system.
  • Aesthetics was as much part of the design concept as quality sound was. Our house ceiling speakers are unobtrusive and attractive, and unlike most traditional home entertainment systems, can be a beneficial feature in terms of your interior décor. Excellent sound and sound aesthetics. Who could ask for more
  • Use Amazon Alexa or Google Home to control your entire system from your phone, no matter where in the house you may be. Our systems give you complete control and all the tools you need to enjoy the benefits fully.
  • Our wireless outdoor speakers mean that you can even have music in your garden, or use a birding app to do bird calls. Realistically disguised as rocks, they are unobtrusive and fit in perfectly as a decorative rock in any garden.

What Sets Audio Active Apart Regarding a Ceiling Sound System? 

Our products set us apart in every way. We spent years and thousands of dollars on research and development into every aspect of our systems to ensure that you not only get the absolute best in quality, but also the best in terms of aesthetic and ergonomic aesthetic design. There is nothing average about our products.

  • The quality and aesthetic design of our products are unmatched anywhere in Australia. We’ve created a cutting-edge, premium product in every way. When you buy ceiling speakers from us, you can rest assured that they are the best ceiling speakers that money can buy anywhere in the world, bar none. We do not accept second best. 
  • We don’t only offer ceiling speakers for sale; we provide a complete professional home or business audio solution, featuring crystal clear sound via Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi, and a built-in amplifier. Our award-winning professional audio systems will blow your mind. 
  • Our attention to detail is astounding if we say so ourselves. We offer a variety of speakers of different sizes and colours. Whether you want small ceiling speakers or large, white ceiling speakers or black, we’ve thought of every aesthetic aspect as much as we’ve thought about the technology and sound.
  • Our products feature the latest in cutting-edge innovation, technology and aesthetic and ergonomic design to make your home life as convenient as can be. Whether you are meditating to a track in the bedroom, singing along with your favourite song while in the shower, or having a party with friends, our wireless audio systems provide the perfect solution for all your home audio requirements. 
  • Our products are imaginative and take into account the smallest details of convenience, quality, and aesthetics, using the latest technology to overcome barriers of practicality, price, and accessibility.

Background to Powered Ceiling Speakers Development 

At the heart of Audio Active are two tech geek founders who are always dreaming up new ideas to incorporate the latest in technology in everyday products to make our lives easier, more manageable, and infinitely more ‘cool’. 

  • Established in 2008, Audio Active has been at the forefront of the technological advancement of professional home audio equipment, counting a unique all-in-one Bluetooth speaker among our many achievements. We are always coming up with new ideas for traditional applications that technology can improve.
  • We count our founders among the top technological inventors of household in the world today, coming up with a wide range of successful household products that took the ordinary and mundane and redesigned it to be more efficient, more practical, and more appealing in every way. 
  • With ground-breaking products that address the many inefficiencies in everyday products used in homes across the world already behind their names, Wesley Siu and Amit Ravat incorporated their sense of design, their technological genius and their love of music and entertainment to come up with smart tech alternatives to traditional home entertainment systems.

What makes Audio Active cost Effective?

At Audio Active, our aim is to make your life more comfortable with innovative home automation solutions that make use of the latest technology to bring you premium features, but without breaking the bank. 

  • The continuity features of all our products mean that you don’t have to kit out your entire home in one go. It allows you to start small and build up your system over time. This phased approach gives you all the convenience of a professional, smart home audio entertainment system, without the hefty price tag typically associated with related products.
  • Our professional wireless home entertainment systems are, in no small extent, plug and play. There is no need for a huge capital outlay for the installation of the system. It merely connects with the circuitry of the existing light, or you can plug it in. Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology mean you can wirelessly connect your speakers to your devices.
  • Full compatibility to existing automation software, such as ALEXA, Siri, and google home allow you to wirelessly control the setup and control your entire system either from your phone or via voice controls. This technology is largely available in full high-end automation systems. Now you can get all the benefits without having to break the bank. 

About Audio Active

Audio Active was started in 2008 as a sister company to the already wildly popular tech company Retrotouch, which focuses on advanced, yet simple and cost effective home automation products,

Home automation is becoming a vast market, but one with glaring inefficiencies, including inaccessibility due to price. The market is flooded with high-end products for full home automation systems. Still, there is nothing available for average homeowners who want the technology but without paying an arm and a leg.

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