Bathroom Ceiling Speakers

Installing the Best Bathroom Ceiling Speakers in Your Home or Business

Bathroom ceiling speakers are a lovely luxury to have, whether at home in your master bathroom or at your restaurant or bar. At home, being able to listen to podcasts, radio broadcasts or your favourite songs while getting ready for work in the morning is a terrific way to get a start on your day. At work—particularly in the service or hospitality industries—having music playing in the bathroom can help maintain a certain mood or ambience for your customers. At Lithe Audio, we can help you cultivate these experiences in the most convenient way possible, with our reliable, moisture-resistant ceiling-mounted speakers.

What Sets Lithe Audio Apart Regarding Bathroom Ceiling Speakers?

What makes our ceiling-mounted speakers the ideal solution for residential or commercial bathroom installation? Consider these factors:

  • They are IP44 rated. We have IP44-rated speakers available, intended precisely for bathroom installations. In a bathroom, you always need to consider how moisture might impact your speakers—whether from splashes, steam or condensation. IP44-rated speakers stand up to these conditions without shorting out or encountering technical difficulties.
  • They are straightforward to install. Putting speakers into your bathroom needn’t be a big expensive or time-consuming project. Our all-in-one speakers have the amplifier, the receiver, and the Bluetooth technology built in and typically only require about 30 minutes of installation time.
  • They allow easy connectivity. If you want to hook up your turntable or stereo, you can. However, our speakers are designed to be used with no other equipment. Bluetooth technology allows seamless connectivity to phones, computers, smart TVs and more. Enjoying your favourite audio entertainment has never been easier.

Key Questions to Ask Lithe Audio about Our Bathroom Ceiling Speakers

If you are interested in learning a bit more about Lithe Audio and our ceiling-mounted speakers, here are a few questions you might have:

About Lithe Audio

The Lithe Audio brand may be new, but our business is actually a piece of a larger audio venture that has been operating for more than a decade. We are a sister company to Audio Active, a business that began in 2008 as a venture geared towards developing smart tech solutions for homes. Since then, the business has evolved and made a mark in the audio industry, eventually necessitating the launch of the Lithe Audio range. If you are interested in learning more about our products, or in exploring the benefits and charms of bathroom ceiling speakers, contact us today.

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