Outdoor Ceiling Speakers in Australia

Entertain Guests with Outdoor Ceiling Speakers in Australia

If you’re the person that always hosts family and friends at your place, you should consider installing outdoor ceiling speakers in Australia. Disconnecting your audio system from the indoor lounge or entertainment room to transfer it to the outdoors is time-consuming and unnecessary work. You will have to remove the cables and the system itself to a safe location outside where you can provide music for your guests. Audio Active has a variety of solutions to this problem. 

The Benefits of Outdoor Ceiling Speakers

With the advent of HDTV and other streaming services, more people are taking their audio setup seriously. Previously, two speakers and a subwoofer were sufficient for a home. After that, it grew to a full-sized surround sound system that comprised of seven or eight speakers that required scattering around the room. Speaker placement is where the advantages of ceiling speakers shine. 

  • They’re less cumbersome and hidden away. Instead of occupying precious floor space that surround sound systems do, ceiling speakers are tucked away above you. It provides the same service and enough floor space for your furniture and interior design. Furthermore, it blends in with the ceiling and is hardly noticed.
  • The primary benefit of ceiling speakers is the control it offers. Since modern-day ceiling speakers can connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, selecting the music you want to hear in any room of your home is simple. Controlling your audio from your smartphone is the type of activity you would have seen in an old movie showcasing the future. 
  • The ability to have the audio broadcast through to various zones within a home or a commercial property is an additional benefit of ceiling speakers. It ensures that you listen to your favourite music anywhere in the house, even in the bathroom.

What to Expect from Audio Active Regarding Outdoor Ceiling Speakers

Our passion for technology and innovation is what drives our team. We seek to create solutions for people’s needs instead of working with what technology allows. 

  • We have a vast catalogue of audio solutions available. Our passive ceiling speakers can be used with an amplifier or linked with our Wi-Fi or Bluetooth ceiling speakers. 
  • Our all-in-one Bluetooth 5.0 ceiling speakers combines an amplifier, Bluetooth receiver, and speaker to deliver convenient, crisp audio to your property. It has a 30-metre range and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, which make it ideal for any property, including hotels. 
  • The Wi-Fi all-in-one option is similar to the Bluetooth speaker but has a Wi-Fi receiver. After you download our app, you’ll have access to your Spotify library, Deezer, TuneIn and several others. These speakers are the only certified Apple AirPlay ceiling speakers on the market. 

About Audio Active

We’ve been providing audio solutions to private and commercial clients across Australia for over a decade. We pride ourselves on distributing products that are of a superior standard and with excellent customer service. Our products showcase the innovation that makes the everyday lives of people better. We are always available to provide support and will conduct an audio consultation for free to determine your requirements. Contact us to set up a meeting or to find out more about our revolutionary products.

Expert Advice: +61 3 9699 8900 

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