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Bluetooth speakers have been around for a while but experienced an increase in demand in recent times. The mobile phone speaker paled in comparison to what a free-standing, Bluetooth speaker presented. After that, cars were fitted with audio systems that were compatible with your phoneís Bluetooth so that you could control the music in your vehicle. Finally, the revolution has evolved to reach homeowners. Now you dictate the music from your phone to your ceiling mount Bluetooth speakers. At Audio Active, we stock a wide range of wireless Bluetooth ceiling speakers.†

Consider This When Buying a Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker System

Once youíve decided to install ceiling speakers, you must conduct due research. Unlike other audio systems that have freestanding speakers, ceiling speakers are designed as a long-term solution. Your primary concern should be the quality of audio the flush mount Bluetooth speakers will be distributing. These are some of the factors to take into consideration before acquiring your ceiling audio system.†

  • Deciding on the number of speakers to install per room is critical. If you install too few, the audio wonít be clear and loud enough. The size of the room dictates the number of speakers you require. We recommend that you fit a pair of ceiling speakers for rooms larger than 3-metres by 3-metres and two pairs for rooms larger than 5-metres by 5-metres. The height of the ceiling also contributes to the audio requirements of the room.†
  • Placing your speakers inside your ceiling requires fire hoods. It covers the back end of the speaker and supports the structure. Furthermore, it prevents the sound from travelling to rooms located above the speakers. In the event of a fire, itís advisable to have fire hoods to protect yourself against insurance companies. If installed without fire hoods, you will have a problem claiming for fire damage.†
  • People love listening to music when in the shower or sauna. However, you require a specific Bluetooth bathroom ceiling speaker designed for places with moisture and humidity. Opting for regular ceiling speakers in your bathroom could lead to problems with the audio system and also poses a risk to your safety. Added to that, people love to paint the speaker grilles as the colour of their ceiling or opt for a contrast. Never spray directly onto the grille when attached to the speaker. To avoid damage, paint the grilles separately.

The Benefits of Bluetooth Garden Speakers

If your home has a scenic backyard with lush landscaping and a beautiful swimming pool, the chances are you entertain guests regularly. Transporting your indoor speakers to the party outside is always hard work. With the advancement of technology, itís now possible to have superb outdoor audio with garden speakers that operate via Bluetooth.†

  • Spending the weekends with friends and family around the pool is made easier with the speaker being accessible outdoors. Even if youíre relaxing on the deck with a book and a coffee in hand, you can stream some gentle tunes to your outdoor Bluetooth speaker to set the mood. Thereís no need for heavy lifting, and it eliminates the fuss.†
  • At any party, selecting the music is vital. It makes all the difference but can be frustrating when you have to search for the right CDs. Bluetooth is a ubiquitous feature on mobile phones, meaning that everyone can pair in with your outdoor speaker and play the songs that they want to hear. Following this process avoids killing the vibe at the party and maintains the harmony.†
  • Moving your sizeable indoor system to the outdoors is an eyesore. It sticks out untidily and occupies space. On the other hand, Bluetooth speakers are manufactured with those problems in mind. Now, youíd be able to acquire an outdoor speaker that blends in with its environment. If youíre outdoors, opting for a rock-style speaker means no one would ever realise there is a speaker in your garden.†

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