In-Ceiling Speakers in Australia

Maximise Your Space with In-Ceiling Speakers in Australia

In-ceiling speakers in Australia have become the preferred system for audio solutions. Trends are always shifting with the times. Previously, owning a large home theatre system with several speakers placed around the room was popular. In an attempt to keep up with the Joneses, people flocked to have this sound system in their homes. In recent years, the minimalist approach to home décor has surged, leaving people with the conundrum of desiring better audio while maximising space. Audio Active are pioneers of the in-ceiling speaker package which provides precisely what homeowners require. 

The Benefits of In-ceiling Speakers

Wherever you go these days, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and some homes, you’ll find the ceiling speaker system. There are several reasons why people have moved away from traditional towering speakers to built-in ceiling speakers.

  • With the introduction of large HDTVs installed against the wall, people have slowly moved away from cramping up the entertainment room. The ‘less is more’ approach was adopted as homeowners removed unwanted items. The old surround sound systems consisted of half a dozen speakers that had to strategically be placed around the room to attain the desired effect. As a result, you’d have to surrender most of your available space. When you install in-ceiling surround sound, you save all that space while still receiving the audio you require. 
  • Mounting your home audio system usually means plenty of cables running in various directions to create the ambience you desire. Wiring and cables are unsightly and a huge distraction. No matter how hard you try, the presence of wiring will always contribute negatively to your home’s appearance. When you buy in-ceiling speakers, the wiring is in the ceiling and never visible. 
  • You don’t have to forego the idea of a surround sound system with ceiling speakers. Installing them behind your seating area in the ceiling will deliver the same results as a traditional home theatre system. Cinemas use the same ceiling system to provide crisp sound to their patrons.

What to Expect from Audio Active Regarding In-ceiling Surround Speakers

We started this business out of our passion for innovation and the interplay between design and engineering. Founders Wesley Siu and Amit Ravat desperately wanted to improve on the inefficiencies and ergonomic problems around a property. They combined their love for entertainment with experience in developing smart technology solutions to design and create products for the home. 

  • One of the products of their creativity is the Lithe Audio 6.5-inch all-in-one Bluetooth 5.0 ceiling speaker. Instead of purchasing separate components such as the amplifier and speaker, this product combines all three to deliver exceptional, crisp audio. The range is up to 30 metres which is more than sufficient for the average home. You’re able to connect to Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Furthermore, there are no wires required, apart from the power supply which can connect directly into your lighting circuit or a nearby power source. If you’re in a larger home, you can Lithe-Link up to three pairs of speakers. 
  • With the increased access to the internet and the availability of Wi-Fi, the Lithe Audio Wi-Fi all-in-one multi-room speaker’s popularity is rising at a rapid rate. It’s the perfect solution for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and places with several rooms. With the Lithe Audio app, you connect up to 30 master speakers and control the audio in each speaker or all at once. Through the app, you access your Spotify library and any other streaming service. This speaker is the only certified AirPlay option in the market. Furthermore, they have built-in dlna and UPnP so you can stream directly from a media server. 
  • We offer a streamlined, sophisticated, yet simple process to acquiring your audio solutions. If you prefer to chat to our experienced staff for advice, they are available to support and guide you. Select the speakers you’re interested in and find out in detail if they suit your requirements. After using any of our payment methods online, your package will be delivered to you anywhere in Australia. It will contain instructions on how to install and the template for cutting the hole in your ceiling to simplify the process for you. 

About Audio Active

We started this operation over ten years ago to provide innovative solutions to people. Presently, we’ve developed into a leader in the industry and would cherish continuing in that vein. 

Contact us for a free audio consultation to determine our requirements and receive guidance for your next step.

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