Lithe Audio Premium Speaker Fire & acoustic Hood 270

Lithe Audio Premium Speaker Fire & acoustic Hood 270
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Our fire and acoustic speaker hoods offer air-tight protection to comply with latest IEE and Building Regulations for Fire and Acoustic integrity of ceilings. Designed to house our ceiling speaker units, these hoods comprise a double-skin of intumescent fabric to provide the perfect fire safety solution. Easy to fit and designed to blend in with your ceiling, these products are a must-have to maintaining the fire rating of your home or business.


The Lithe Audio Fire hood is designed for use with 6-8" Round Speakers with a hole Cut-Out Size of up to 210mm.

The Fire hood has been designed specifically for in-ceiling speakers and conform with the latest IEE and Building Regulations for Fire integrity of ceilings.

Simple to install

The rim can be fixed using a bead of mastic/sealant/double-sided sticky tape and the speaker clamps the hood in place

Air tight therefore offers better fire protection and acoustic absorption

Twin-skinned intumescent with fire-retardant acoustic damping foam sandwiched between the skins

One size fits both 6.5 or 8 speakers

To fit a larger speaker the inner rim can be cut to size using a stitched seam as a guide

Sealed hood to the ceiling reducing the dust buildup that can gather on the back of the speaker

Woven glass fibre material

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