Ceiling Speakers in Melbourne

What You Need to Know about Ceiling Speakers in Melbourne

Are you in the market for new ceiling speakers in Melbourne? The right ceiling speaker setup can deliver rich, immersive sound in a uniquely simplistic fashion. Getting big bulky speakers out of the way is the big appeal of ceiling speakers — especially in a restaurant, retail or business setting. However, it’s important to know how these speakers are different. 

Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Ceiling Speakers in Melbourne

At Lithe Audio, we are proud to offer ceiling speakers in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and throughout Australia. As we’ve served customers over the years, here are a few of the common mistakes we’ve observed that we advise our new customers to avoid:

  • Not thinking about speaker placement. Buying high-quality speakers is just the first step to getting a pleasing, full-sounding audio setup. How you position those speakers, the size of the room and even the shape of the room can impact the audio profile. Ceiling speakers give you more options on where in the room you can put speakers, but placement strategy remains important. 
  • Forgetting about the mono versus stereo consideration. When you buy speakers, they are usually mono, which means they are only playing the right or left channel of an audio recording. Most ceiling speakers are also mono. Our speakers each offer a stereo or mono selector, so you have more control.
  • Not getting Bluetooth. Bluetooth technology and overall wireless connectivity are the future of audio. The days of needing to hook everything up to your speakers via wires and cables are (and should be) over. 

What Sets Lithe Audio Apart Regarding Ceiling Speakers in Sydney or Adelaide?

If you are looking for ceiling speakers in Adelaide or Brisbane, consider Lithe Audio. Not only do our speakers offer options that solve the common pain points of ceiling-mounted audio systems, but we also take other steps to make life easier for our customers, including:

  • Offering free shipping on bulk orders. Whether you are buying a whole-house set of ceiling speakers in Brisbane or a new audio system for your restaurant in Perth, consider making a bulk order with Lithe Audio. We offer free shipping Australia-wide on all orders of $300 or greater
  • Making our products easy to install. As wireless technologies have improved, the installation process for speakers has become a lot simpler — or, at least, it should be a lot simpler. We’ve embraced this simplicity by building our speakers into things that any electrician can install in 30 minutes or less.
  • Still allowing for RCA hook-ups. While most devices these days are Bluetooth-enabled, we recognise that some of our customers may wish to hardwire turntables, older TVs or other devices into the system. 

Why Trust Lithe Audio Regarding Ceiling Speaker Technology?

We want customers to be able to buy our speaker systems with confidence. That’s why we’ve equipped them with the best technology, designed them with simplicity and intuitive usage in mind and made them versatile enough to fit into any space in your home or business. If you’ve been shopping for ceiling speakers in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia, you can trust us to deliver the quality product you deserve. Contact us today to learn more.

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