Our secret to superb sound quality

2 June 2017  |  Amit

Our secret to superb sound quality

It doesn't take a diehard audiophile to recognise the difference between good and bad sound quality. With a decent pair of home speakers, your favourite music should inspire in you a deep urge to get up and dance, not tear your ears off.

But it is the uniquely rich audio quality produced by our all-in-one ceiling speakers that have led to customers singing our praises. Whether in your lounge or bathroom, our models are designed to deliver superb sound quality so that you can enjoy your music in style.

What is the secret behind such great sound? Here's why the decision to mount your speaker up high can deliver such fantastic results.

Sound dispersal

Ever wondered why that speaker you've feng shui'd into the corner of the room sounds lacklustre? It's because of the way sound travels around the room. If you imagine your walls and objects in your room as pool table cushions, then you can get a sense of why your speakers aren't sounding the way they ought.

For the best effect, listeners require direct, unmediated sound waves. For home theatre units, this involves staging stereo speakers at set intervals around the room to deliver a full 360 sound experience.

But for those who have neither the budget, space, nor willingness to stay in one position for hours on end, it makes sense to mount the speakers up high. Why? Because they direct sound waves downwards for more comprehensive audio coverage.

Speakers positioned at ground level may create hot and cold spots, where sound waves are unequally distributed. Filtering the sound down vertically, you are given a more balanced means of audio distribution. Our decision to mount speakers on the ceiling is therefore in tune with the physics of sound. Fill your room with superb audio!

Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling speaker


Low and high frequencies

The design of our speakers are no accident. The distinctive concentric look that looks great in any home or business includes two fantastic units catering to different frequency ranges. The sound of our all-in-one speaker models boasts an incredible 65Hz-20kHz spectrum. That means more powerful bass, and crisper treble, than your average Bluetooth model.

Our speakers boast a fantastically engineered woofer and tweeter combination, both utilising the latest cone technology. In terms of audio quality, this combination provides a flat frequency response, low distortion, fast transient response, and a low resonance frequency.

So whether you're watching films, playing games, or just listening to your favourite tunes, our speakers are perfect for your home audio needs.

We've designed our speakers to not only look  great, but to sound amazing. And with many of our customers choosing to kit their entire home out with further bathroom and passive models, that Lithe Audio sound is something to be relished.


Co-founder of Lithe Audio Amit Ravat described the idea behind creating a powerful, all-in-one ceiling speaker solution.

"We wanted ceiling speakers in our home because of all the benefits they bring in terms of sound quality and space saving design but could not run cables through the walls without major disruption so decided to develop a ceiling speaker ourselves which we could install in any room by just adding power."

"And being avid music listeners of various genres of music the speaker needed to sound amazing through the full audio spectrum and be a price that was affordable and not just for the high end luxury home market usually associated with a in ceiling speaker system."

To get your hands on one of our awesome ceiling speaker models, check out our range now!


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