Christmas is for TV bingeing. So here’s how to make the most of it...

11 December 2017  |  Amit

OK, so you’ve done your last bit of Christmas shopping, and are finally ready to hunker down. Christmas spirit is in the air, and you’ve already highlighted which shows you want to watch. Time to put on your most comfortable elasticated clothing and let a year’s worth of laziness consume you.


But are you truly prepared?

Many home-owners around the UK will spend this Christmas having to crane their neck to view their TV. They might want to recline in their armchair, but end up missing half of the action. Whether its a dedicated TV cabinet accumulating dust or a makeshift cardboard box, don’t let a lacklustre TV arrangement let you down this Christmas. Santa wouldn’t be pleased.

Instead, let Lithe Audio grab your attention with our phenomenal TV wall mounts. With our beautiful yet simplistic arrangements, you’ll feel compelled to watch the whole Home Alone film series in just one sitting. And you won’t even need to move from your chair!

What are the benefits?

For a start they are raised nice and high to be easily viewed from all positions. Using our remote controlled models, simply push a button and the TV will align to the perfect angle for your entertainment.

Then there are the obvious space saving benefits of our flip down models. That wall which was now taken up with TV, cabinet, decade-old birthday cards, and tatty memorabilia can now be incorporated into the room once more. Which means so much more space for activities!

Less clutter also means more scope for drunken clumsiness. With our models, your TV is now safely out of the way to prevent any damage from occurring. Your prized LCD screen is now totally Christmas proof.

What about the specs?

Our units will support most 23"-60" monitors up to 30kg/66lbs and its strength has been tested for a minimum of three times its stated load capacity. So don’t get worried about the safety of your screen!

Installation is very simple, and won’t take a DIY expert to achieve. It is simply a case of drilling a series of holes in your wall and attaching our mounting bracket. The rest is ridiculously easy, and you will have your TV mounted in no time at all.

Our units also come with a handy mini remote with which you can make adjustments to the viewing angle of your TV, as well as store your unit away. Feel the power at your fingertips with this great automated solution. Your friends will be highly impressed, and your social life may well improve as a result.

We here at Lithe Audio are obsessed with finding smart solutions that make space (and stress) saving improvements to your household. This is just one of them. To see our fantastic models, check our our product listing here:

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