Choose Lithe Audio for the ultimate May the 4th viewing experience

4 May 2017  |  Amit

Choose Lithe Audio for the ultimate May the 4th viewing experience

If the swoosh of lightsabers and the whirl of spaceships is the soundtrack of a perfect night in for you, then you will no doubt be excitedly anticipating May the 4th. It a chance to binge watch your favourite film franchise without any attached social stigma. It is also a chance to bring your friends round and show off your latest home entertainment system.

For those taking this year's celebration of Star Wars particularly seriously, you will understand the need to have the perfect lounge room setup. George Lucas's incredible feast of the senses deserves a correspondingly high quality sound and TV system.

Does yours hit the right notes?

If the answer is no, and if the majestic sound of the Millennium Falcon seems forever on the verge of giving you tinnitus, then you'll love this piece of news...

Lithe Audio can transform your home entertainment experience.

Meaning superb sound and visuals can be experienced the way they were intended. And all your other May the 4th celebrants can thank you for being an excellent host.

Lithe Audio offers two incredible product ranges that are designed to transform your experience. They are both highly affordable, easy to install, and deliver superb quality that will leave you breathless.

1. Ceiling speakers for room-shattering audio

Immerse film watching is what every home audio unit aspires to achieve. Some recommend buying several speakers to position at coordinated intervals around the room. Lithe Audio do things simpler.

We provide fantastically powerful speakers that attach to the ceiling, providing ease, comfort, and a superb audio experience. As many of our customers have told us, nothing quite compares to the feeling of sound coming at you from above. And you will love the 65Hz-20kHz sound quality of our kevlar woven speakers.

And a hilarious game to play: try and let your guests decide where the sound is coming from. You're guaranteed a laugh or two.

2. Motorised wall mounts for clear visuals

Depending on the size of your May the 4th party, and the seating arrangements in your room, there may be some feeling left out. Not able to see the screen properly, they may miss vital plot points, like 'the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker's hand'. For those perched awkwardly in the cheap seats, enjoyment can be quite limited.

Lithe Audio provides a full range of motorised wall mounts that can impress your friends while ensuring everyone gets the best seat in the house. No conflicts, no arguments, just pure, unabated Star Wars enjoyment.

Our versions are available for flat and curves screens, and also include models that flip down from the ceiling (how futuristic is that!) Engineered to perfection, our range is perfect for those looking to maximise convenience while adding style to their room.


With these innovations, your day of Star Wars related celebrations smoothly will go, and have an outstanding film watching experience you will.

May the 4th be with you.

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