Ceiling speakers - the PERFECT entertainment solution for guest rooms

7 August 2019  |  Amit

Holiday season is upon us. As hordes of football-shirted holidaymakers stampede towards the sunbeds, spare a thought for the hotel and guest room owners trying to keep everyone accommodated. There are times when the holidaymaking spirit is gleefully alive and shared by all, and then there are the times when overzealous guests spoil it for everyone else. 

Ceiling speakers can be a great way to provide extra entertainment and boost those Trip Advisor reviews, but they can also be a source of misery for neighbours trying to get some decent shut-eye. 

In order to take advantage of integrated speakers, hotel and guest room managers need a measure of control. While providing a great way for guests to enjoy themselves, steps need to be taken to ensure people don’t take advantage of it. 

Thankfully, Lithe Audio’s ceiling speaker range boasts features that keep the owner in control. Our designers have come up with a few clever ways to ensure a good time is had by all, not just a select bunch of rabble rousers. 

Change pin to a unique number

Our ceiling speakers have in-built security systems that ensure only those with the correct pin can access their speaker. Not only does this prevent would-be pranksters from broadcasting their audio to other rooms, but it puts the power firmly in the hands of the owner. This pin can be changed at any time, so if speakers are being misused in any way, a simple change of pin can ensure access is blocked. 

Hotel guests hoping for their 8 hours of sleep needn’t have to put up with the sounds of cartoonishly amplified fart noises in the early hours of the morning. And those in charge should always be in control of who has access to the speakers. 

Reduce volume by 50%

If midnight air guitar soloing is a guest’s true passion in life, adequate provision should be made to ensure this is done safely and without any inconvenience to other guests. Invariably, and unbelievably for some, not everyone shares the same appreciation of music, especially when cranked all the way up to 11. 

The volume of our speakers can be safely capped to ensure eardrums are intact, sleep is had, and power conserved. Allowing guests unbridled access to the volume knob is a recipe for disaster, so it makes sense to cap the speaker’s sonic potential. This is easily done, and is a valuable feature of our ceiling speakers. 

For hotel managers and guest room owners, ceiling speakers should be a fantastic asset to a room. Everyone has their own holiday playlist, but not everyone needs to hear it. These features ensure a good time is had by all.  

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