4 key benefits of Lithe Audio ceiling speakers

3 January 2018  |  Amit

Our ceiling speakers are the ultimate tech hack for modern homes. The decision to mount speakers onto the ceiling is the perfect solution to many of the issues that arise from having a clunky speaker unit taking up space in your home. 21st century lifestyles are increasingly demanding, and coping with the stresses of outdated tech is just one worry we can do without.

There are many advantages to having a ceiling speaker unit installed. So here’s our pick of the bunch!


1. Free up space

Space is at a premium these days. You can barely walk down the street without knocking some poor child off their tricycle. And, unless you’re financially blessed, the same is true in our households. Your infinite capacity for collecting old Nintendo games will in all likelihood run counter to the finite amount of space in your cosy flat.

So, without turning your home into a hall of mirrors to give the illusion of spaciousness, you need to redirect clutter from the ground. We here at Lithe Audio have designed our ceiling speakers with your home’s tidiness in mind. So instead of big sub woofers occupying an entire corner of your room, we have our bluetooth speakers that can be discreetly mounted onto your ceiling.

2. Cable free interior

As already mentioned, cables are ugly. To think that in the 21st century our TV units still resemble snake pits is a fact that puts our generation to shame. Countless man hours have been spent trying to untangle these unsightly objects.

They can also be a safety hazard, as anyone entering a dark, cable-strewn room would know all too well. Your floor should not be an obstacle course. And neither should your attempt to find a solution. Luckily, our ceiling-mounted speakers are there to free up one more wire. Your path to a free and easy, wireless home experience begins with us.

3. Music fills whole room

Ceiling speakers benefit from awesome sound dispersion. You don’t need to be a geeky audiophile to realise that speakers positioned in the corner of a room sound boxy and unclear. No matter how much you spend on a new sound system, the positioning of your speakers can make a huge contribution to how your music actually ends up sounding.

Lithe Audio’s ceiling speakers allow the sound to filter downwards into the room, providing a rich audio quality that sounds like it’s coming from the heavens. Plus, with the inclusion of pivoting tweeters that direct the sound to wherever you wish, you can ensure superb audio every single time.

4. No compromise on decor

As any interior designer will tell you, aesthetically pleasing decor can make a property. You may have a luxury apartment in Mayfair, but if you’ve fitted it with tacky 80s retro gear, chances are you’ll hear a whole range of excuses for people not wanting to come to your house. And the same thing goes for your speakers.

Most high quality speakers days require a whole furniture to hold them up. For an aesthetically minded individual, this is one piece of furniture too many. To truly feel part of the 21st century, we need to incorporate speakers within the fabric of the home itself. Lithe Audio’s ceiling speakers are housed discreetly in their own ceiling-mounted units, protruding 3mm from the ceiling. And if this isn’t enough, our speakers can be easily painted to match the decor of your property!


The benefits of ceiling speakers are clear, but if you need more convincing, check out a full list of features and specs at our website


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